Friday, September 17, 2010

The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners by Luanne Rice

 Paperback: 400 pages

This book tells the story of two sisters who have been separated from their mother for ten years due to a disturbing secret.  Lyra Nicholson is an heiress living on the island of Capri.  She moved there after leaving her family behind in America; a husband and two daughters, Pell and Lucy.  Pell and Lucy have been living with their grandmother, Lyra's mother, in Newport, RI since the death of their father.  At 16, Pell travels to the beautiful isle of Capri to reunite with her mother and find out why she left.  The story that unfolds is rife with emotion, love and tears as Pell, and later Lucy, confront Lyra, and with support from Lyra's neighbor Max, learn the real reason Lyra abandoned her family.  Pell is also aided by her boyfriend who travels to Capri to be with her, just as Pell is becoming attracted to Max's grandson Rafe.  

Rice has written Pell as a young girl, wise beyond her years, with a maturity and stability that seems to be lacking in her mother.  She is determined that her mother take responsibility for her actions and along the way, a relationship is born.

This is a sequel to Geometry of Sisters which I have not read.  However, I don't feel I missed or misunderstood anything as a result.  There was sufficient background regarding the family to lead the reader in the right direction.  Although not a piece of outstanding literature, the book was enjoyable with likable characters and a stunning setting.  It would be a good book for young adults to read as well as adults.

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